Course Outline

list Statistics and Data Science: A Modeling Approach

  • College / Advanced Statistics and Data Science (ABCD)
  • College / Statistics and Data Science (ABC)
  • High School / Advanced Statistics and Data Science I (ABC)
  • High School / Statistics and Data Science I (AB)
  • High School / Statistics and Data Science II (XCD)

Using R In the Real World

R is widely used in the world of statistics and data science. In this book we use code windows as a way to learn R. But in the real world, people use more powerful tools such as R Studio and Jupyter Notebooks for doing data analysis.

Although you can install these tools on your computer, it is convenient these days to run such programs in the cloud. As a next step for students using CourseKata Statistics & Data Science: A Modeling Approach, we recommend getting yourself a free account at

DeepNote is a new and fully-featured environment for running Jupyter notebooks. If you’ve been using Jupyter in your class, this will be an easy transition. In fact, you can download notebooks from your CourseKata Jupyter account (as files ending in .ipynb), and then upload them directly into DeepNote. They should run just fine!

The easiest way to get set up is to click the link below. This link will take you to a Jupyter notebook on DeepNote. Once there, you will see instructions on how to get started, written especially for students coming from CourseKata. Go ahead and give it a try with this DeepNote Student Starter Project or by clicking the full link below if that one does not work: