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CourseKata Statistics and Data Science is a 100% free interactive online textbook. It is being used at numerous colleges and universities across a wide range of academic disciplines, including Mathematics, Statistics, Psychology, Sociology, and Political Science.

An Online Textbook Suitable for Live or Remote Instruction

CourseKata Statistics and Data Science can replace your current introductory textbook. It is best used in a blended learning situation in which students work through the textbook for homework, and convene with their teacher—either face-to-face or virtually—to discuss key concepts and new data analysis examples.

Course Learning Outcomes

Download a detailed list of course goals and learning objectives.

Download a mapping of traditional statistics topics and where they are covered in CourseKata.


Professional Development & Support

CourseKata provides extensive professional development before the course begins. Throughout the year, the team provides weekly Zoom “office hours” for instructors, researchers, and designers to collaborate to make teaching the course as seamless as possible. These sessions also provide valuable insights about how to continuously improve the online book and approach.

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Get a detailed list of course learning outcomes and topics covered.


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Professor Testimonials

Howard Schwesky professor
Howard Schwesky Professor, Math Department Los Angeles Pierce College
This textbook will definitely educate students with an enriching understanding of statistical concepts. This is not a book that requires formula memorization or number crunching. The use of R commands eliminates the need for that…I will definitely use this book again. Students will leave the course with an excellent conceptual understanding of statistics.
Mitchell Pumar professor
Mitchell Pumar Professor, Math Department Los Angeles Pierce College
I found the CourseKata materials to be refreshingly modern—it completely transformed the way I teach statistics. By taking a modeling approach, I was able to foster a deep, conceptual understanding in my students, one that I always suspected was lacking teaching out of a traditional textbook. Jupyter notebooks have made integrating R into my classroom that much easier, and have served as a perfect complement to the interactive textbook. My students are leaving my class with both a practical skillset and a deeper understanding of the world around them.


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