CourseKata Books (Version 5.0 update)

CourseKata’s library of content for teaching statistics and data science is growing! With the release of Version 5.0, we now offer six different interactive online textbooks for colleges and high schools. How do you know which book to use?

Prior to summer 2022, there was only one book available on CourseKata, so if you taught with CourseKata before that time, you used the book listed first, Introductory Statistics with R: A Modeling Approach (ABC).

Books for College

Book Title Content Code
Introductory Statistics with R: A Modeling Approach ABC
Advanced Statistics with R: A Modeling Approach ABCD
Accelerated Statistics with R: A Modeling Approach XCD

Books for High School

Book Title Content Code
Statistics and Data Science I AB
Statistics and Data Science II XCD
Advanced Statistics and Data Science I ABC

Explanation of Content Codes (A, B, C, D, and X)

The key to deciding which book is appropriate for your students is to understand the content codes. The content represented by each code is covered in 3-4 chapters of the textbook. The same content on CourseKata may appear in multiple books. You need to decide which is the right mix and pacing for your students.

Code Content Overview Topics
A Exploring Variation Introduction to R, data frames, and visualization of distributions and relationships Measurement, histograms, box plots, scatter plots, contingency tables, descriptive statistics
B Modeling Variation Introduction to modeling, and building models with single predictors (simple ANOVA and regression) ANOVA, regression, correlation, model predictions, sum of squares
C Evaluating Models Introduction to statistical inference with a focus on simulation, randomization, and bootstrapping t-test, p-value, F, R-squared, randomization / permutation test, bootstrapping
D Multivariate Models Building and interpreting models with multiple predictors that are categorical, quantitative, or both multiple regression, ANCOVA, partial correlation
X Accelerated A+B An accelerated version of A + B for advanced students or students with prior experience (see A and B)

Download a detailed list of course goals and learning objectives.

Download a mapping of traditional statistics topics and where they are covered in CourseKata.

Preview the Books

The most recent versions of all books are available for preview. Simply go to, select Preview from the menu, then select the book you want to preview. You will see the whole book, starting with the table of contents.

If you still aren’t sure which book you want, feel free to reach out to us on the Contact Us page.